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Soul Life Coaching

Soul Life Coaching

A spiritual coach, also called spiritual life coach or Soul Life Coaching, is a resource of support and direction for anyone who wishes to live authentically from their spiritual truth, reclaim their sovereignty, and live a fulfilled life exploring their connection to the world through the eyes of their soul/spirit and the energies that flow in their life.


My goal with each person is for each one to achieve greater trust, faith and security in the messages and directions that the Universe sends, their intuition and the inspirations they receive daily but that 90% of the time we ignore. Compassion for self and others is also included in this work as a healing tool as we break all limiting beliefs learned or imposed by society, culture, governments, religions, family, fears, and rebuild ourselves into our true selves and essence as the FREE Human and Divine Beings that we are.


Each person is a microcosm and this coaching work is flexible and adapts to each need and purpose that you want to achieve. This is a work of discovery, exploration, reconnection and spiritual strengthening no matter what philosophy of life or religion the client practices.


The program is intended for each person to live their life and make the best decisions in a divine partnership with the Source Creator, their Higher Self, their Soul and their team of light. We also include Quantum Connect® sessions as part of the program as it is a tool that strengthens communication with the Higher Self and intuition. Also, all coaching clients will receive a discount for SCHH® hypnosis sessions.


Some of the areas I can help you with:


- Release judgments, beliefs and limiting perceptions

- Switch to a positive mindset and improve your internal dialogue

- Develop personal and spiritual empowerment

- Understand your true purpose

- Discover your internal blocks to happiness

- Discover your own spirituality

- Understand who you really are

- Learn to listen and trust your intuition

- Heal wounds from the past

- Manifest what you want in life

- Know, learn and protect your energy system.

- Recalibrate your energy vibration to connect with joy, health, prosperity.

- Manage conflicts and personal challenges from a higher perspective


This liberation and reconnection with our true essence is what the spiritual world has expected of us for personal and planetary ascension and the time is NOW. There are many paths to the same goal and this coaching program is part of this path.

In the Terms and Conditions section you will find the different packages available, costs, Confidentiality Agreement and Release of Liability.


- SINGLE SESSION / 1 HOUR     $ 95.00 (25% discount)

- PACKAGE OF 4 SESSIONS      $361.25 (15% discount)

You can coordinate a complementary video call on WhatsApp or Zoom to meet me and discuss how I can be a resource for your personal and spiritual development. Email me at

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Soul Life Coaching: Términos y condiciones.

Hiring a Soul Life Coaching (SLC) process implies acceptance of these conditions.

1. Coaching sessions last 60 minutes.

2. The sessions are held online via Zoom or WhatsApp Videocall and, on some occasions, they can be in person depending on the topic to be worked on.

3. Interested persons can request a 30-minute orientation call at no cost.

4. We have four alternatives available for coaching plans:

  - Single session (Client pays from session to session) $125.00 per session

  - 4 session plan                                               $ 425.00 per plan

  - 8 session plan                                               $ 800.00 per plan

  - 12 session plan                                             $1,200.00 per plan

5. Payment for sessions and plans are made before the meetings. If you need support in the financial part, please let us know before purchasing a plan.

6. In case of cancellation of services, you must inform us immediately to discuss refund alternatives. In case of abandonment without reason or prior communication, the cost of the session or plan will not be refunded since that time was reserved for you and the coach dedicated time, resources and energy to your work plan. It is the client's responsibility to comply and act with honesty and integrity during the time we work together.

7. Any date and time changes must be communicated the day before your session. If you do not show up and call after the agreed time, the session will be given as scheduled and there will be no refund.

8. The time and date of the sessions will be agreed between coach and client.

9. The client has 6 months to complete their plan. After 6 months the sessions will be exempt from celebration and reimbursement.


- The work between coach and client is based on respect and confidentiality, for this reason, the coach agrees not to use or reveal at any time any confidential information shared in the sessions.

- Given that sometimes the coach can share her own and others' experiences in order to illustrate examples, this Commitment of Confidentiality is also extended to the coach by the client. 

- If the coach understands that there is valuable information to share with others in order to educate or help others, the coach will discuss this with the client and, if authorized, this information will be shared anonymously keeping the client's identity confidential.

- The validity date of this Confidentiality Agreement comes into force at the beginning of the professional relationship between coach and client.


- The client is responsible for their own process of evolution, healing and the decisions they make for their well-being. 

- Soul Life Coaching (SLC) is not a substitute for any treatment or medical care that the client is currently undergoing, nor is it a diagnostic method. It is and additional and/or complementary support within the vision and philosophy of holistic well-being.

- The coach does not promise specific results or exact time to achieve a goal. It offers direction, support, information and the tools necessary for the client to do their personal work and make the best decisions possible within their own ability and understanding.

- The coach is not responsible for technical problems at a business or corporate level that put the safety of the coach and the client or their personal information at risk.

- When contracting a coaching plan, the client will sign in their documents that they have read and accepted the three parts: Terms and Conditions, Confidentiality Agreement and Disclaimer of Liability.


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