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Soul Center Healing  Hypnosis (SCHH) ® 

Soul Center Healing Hypnosis (SCHH) ® 

Soul Center Healing Hypnosis is a quantum healing hypnosis technique that brings together in one session the release of entities and parasitic energies, energy healing, healing of traumas and your inner child, regression to parallel lives (formerly known as past lives) and questions to your Higher Self.  ;


SCHH is accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) and is distinguished from other hypnosis techniques by working on the release of densities of all types (entities, earthbound spirits, spiritual parasites, artificial intelligence and others) and reinforcing your auric field prior to doing regression to ensure that the information received is reliable and coming from the light. 


The therapy begins from the moment we meet and have a chat prior to the session. Speaking out loud and feeling heard is the first step in the healing process. Then I will guide you to a meditative and relaxation space (hypnosis) where you are aware of yourself at all times to travel to the quantum and multidimensional field of your soul, and then finish with your questions for your Higher Self.  


Each session is different, flexible and adaptable to the client's needs. In these intense times, most people are infiltrated by all types of densities that interfere with their health, emotions, thoughts and the ability to clearly hear their Higher Self because their energy field and aura are compromised and vulnerable. Because this is the most important part, and the basis for holistic well-being on this plane, this part of the quantum healing can last the entire session. If you feel that this is your situation and/or you want to receive a complete clearing, I recommend booking a split session package divided into two (2) dates. On the first date we will cleanse and heal all your bodies, all the energy centers and we will reinforce your auric field so that there are no leaks and on the second date we will cleanse and heal what is left and then move on to the quantum journey and questions to your Higher Self. This entire process is guided by the interaction between the facilitator, the client and their Higher Self and is carried out in a clean and energetically protected space. 

Since it is such a comprehensive technique, I recommend setting aside 4 hours for the session and then having time for rest and integration.


All sessions are done online via Zoom in the comfort and safety of your own space. Please read important technical information below that are requirements for the session.


Some reasons to receive a session:

- Traumas that affect your present life.

- Physical, mental, emotional illnesses.

- You feel blockages in your life and/or in your personal relationships.

- Negative thoughts, not being able to sleep, nightmares.

- Discover your true nature, where you come from and why you are here.

- Strengthen your connection with your Higher Self and your Team of Light.

- Empowerment in your life, your healing and spiritual connection.

- Reclaim and live in your personal sovereignty.


The entire session lasts between 3.5 to 4 hours and includes:

1 to 1.5 hours of interview to discuss the documents completed by the client prior to the session and clarify doubts. Then we will take a few minutes of break before moving on to relaxation.


2 to 2.5 hours of hypnosis; energy clearing and healing, multidimensional regression and questions to the Higher Self.


15 to 20 minutes at the end of the hypnosis to review the important points of the session and answer questions.


You will receive the recording by WeTransfer within 24 hours after the end of the session. It is recommended that you watch your video within 48 hours of receiving it to support and reinforce the synapses of the new healing neural connections and integrate the messages received from your Higher Self.


What to expect from a hypnosis and quantum healing session?

  • After paying for the session and coordinating the date, I will send you to your email the document that you have to fill out and return BEFORE the session. This document will be my guide for the entire session.

  • Before beginning I will cleanse and invoke protection for our energy space throughout the session.

  • During the pre chat we will discuss your history, the intention and what the focus of the session will be.

  • We will take a short break to prepare for the session.

  • After guiding you in a meditation to relax your mind and body, we will work on removing and healing the dense energies in your body caused by spiritual and energetic attachments such as entities, A.I., energy cords, among others.

  • We will heal energies from trauma, grief, anxiety, pain, debilitating or chronic emotions and we will go to the root of the situation to heal and release that part of your soul that is trapped in that experience.

  • We will cleanse and energize all energy centers and we will seal the aura for protection. You will anchor your energy harmoniously in your present body.

  • I will guide you to a sacred space to heal any other situation, have a reunion with a loved one or spiritual guide, we will revoke contracts or limiting agreements, we will reclaim and reintegrate all your energy and soul fragments that may be dispersed or that have been drained by others .

  • To complete your healing and empowerment process, I will guide you to a place or experience that helps you understand your purpose and receive answers to the questions you submitted in the documents.

  • We will end the session with affirmations to support your new path.

  • Video or audio of the session is included, as previously agreed.


Technical requirements and preparation for the session. 

(Due to the duration of the session and the energy with which we work, it is important to verify and comply with these requirements to have the best possible experience.)


- Session is held online through Zoom on a computer or laptop. NO cell phone or tablet.

- Please check that the Zoom application is updated before the session.

- Have a good internet connection and be close to the modem.

- You need a headset / headphones with an external microphone and computer connection cable. I DO NOT accept wireless headphones, the energy can interfere with the connection and drain the battery quickly.

- Laptop or computer must be connected by cable to the internet. 

- Test all equipment prior to the session.

- Be in a comfortable, quiet, safe place, without interruptions from family, pets or telephone. A contact person will be requested in case it is necessary to call.

- It is advisable to eat something light before entering the session and have water to drink.

- Do not have candles or incense lit in the place.

- Leave all expectations outside and have your mind and heart open to receive and perceive.

- Messages are received by intuition, imagination and the senses. You will receive along with your document a YouTube link for visualization exercises in case you have difficulty visualizing or want to strengthen this sense.

- The cost of the session is paid before the coordinated date. If you need help, please write it in the initial email and we will work out a payment option.

- It is understood that hypnosis is: A state of relaxation where the client is conscious at all times, that hypnosis is considered a complementary therapy and does not replace any medical treatment, that healing is the responsibility of each person.

- As a facilitator I can cancel or suspend a session if: Some of these requirements or preparations are not met, if it is for the greater good of the client, if the electrical service or internet fails before or during the session.

The cost of the session is $295.00 payable by ATH Móvil (Puerto Rico residents) or PayPal. Connect with me by email: to save your date and any other questions. Sessions are facilitated in Spanish or English.

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