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Quantum Connect ® 

Quantum Connect ® 

Quantum Connect® is a connection with your ever-present Higher Self through quick response exercises. This dynamic that we QC practitioners use with our clients demonstrate, with real-time experiences, how we are always connected to our Higher Self and have the confidence to listen to and accept this guidance at all times as we learn to recognize the language of your Higher Self.


QC is an online service using Zoom platform, does not require any preparation and lasts around 55 minutes, which is ideal to accommodate it within the client's agenda even during their lunch time if they prefer. In the time we are together we will briefly identify the situation that affects you in the present, we will enter into the dynamics of the exercises where the quick response guided by me will create a space free of interruptions from the conscious mind. In the end we will identify those details, images, messages, symbols that your Higher Self shared with us during the session to help you understand your current situation.


Quantum Connect® is NOT a psychic session or channeling, it IS an intuitive session where I will help you connect the dots so that you see your situation more clearly and take away tools to contemplate and take actions with wisdom and confidence. QC's work does not end with the session. At the end you will receive the recording of your session which will help you in the following days to review and connect the dots of all the messages received.


Quantum Connect® has a wonderful added value in that you will end the session happy, relaxed and confident in yourself and, in addition, it is an excellent preparation for a future quantum healing and regression hypnosis session with me, to strengthen your meditation practice or automatic writing or simply remembering that we are always connected to our divine wisdom.

The cost of the session is $65.00 payable by ATH Móvil (Puerto Rico residents) or by PayPal. Connect with me by email: to schedule your date and any other questions. Sessions are facilitated in Spanish or English.


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