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Leaf Pattern Design

About Me

My Story

Since I was young I knew that life was full of mysteries to discover. I like to know the origin of things, the history and the connection of human beings in relation to the cosmos. What does it mean to be a human being?

Since I was young I knew about past lives and the spiritual world and many small and large events led me to open a space of exploration that continues to this day.

In 2005 I became certified as a Reiki Master and this paved the way for me to study and practice other healing techniques, such as Karuna Reiki, Reconnective Healing and Reconnection, SRT Spiritual Response Therapy, Channeling Light, Crystal Therapy, Angelic Tarot Reading and others. Always in search of the origin and why of things.

In 2017 I had my "perfect storm" where my health took center stage and completely changed my life amid the ravages of a category 4 hurricane that hit our island of Puerto Rico. It has been a continuous learning of liberation, rebirth and reconnection with feminine mystical wisdom that still lasts to this day. 

In 2021, synchronicities led me to train in Lightworker Healing Protocol for the release of karma, traumas and entities and in 2023 I completed training in hypnosis and quantum healing with Soul Center Healing Hypnosis® (SCHH), Quantum Connect® and a certification in Spiritual Coaching.

I will never stop studying, exploring and asking, especially in this present full of so many challenges and opportunities to expand our consciousness, spirit, free ourselves from old paradigms and truly be who we really are, sovereign and divine beings.

Leaf Pattern Design
"On your soul's journey, quantum hypnosis will guide you toward deep healing. Discover your inner wisdom and awaken the potential of your being on this quantum path toward balance and transformation."
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