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Quantum Healing Hypnosis For Your Soul
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About Me

My name is Sheila Montalvo and I am a Certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Parallel Lives practitioner Soul Center Healing Hypnosis® Therapist, Quantum Connect® Facilitator and Soul Life Coach to encourage and catalyze wellness and healing on all levels as we expand our consciousness and reality of who we truly are. Since I was young I knew that life was full of mysteries to discover...

Services / Sessions

Quantum Connect ®

Quantum Connect ® is a mini session to connect with your ever-present Higher Self through quick response exercises. This dynamic...

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Soul Center Healing Hypnosis ®

Hypnosis therapy and quantum healing with entity release, energy center healing, quantum travel to parallel lives and connection with your Higher Self/Self.


Soul Life Coaching

Personal coaching program to discover, integrate and live your human life through the eyes of your soul. Discover your potential, claim your sovereignty and live your life authentically.

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Explore the depths of your soul through quantum healing. Your inner journey begins here, where the reach of quantum hypnosis awakens the healing of your illimited Being.


May every Human Being recognize their unlimited potential, claim their sovereignty and absolute freedom to live a full, dignified, healthy and prosperous life as the divine and complete human being that they really are.


To be a facilitator of change and ascension, offering healing and self-knowledge tools that help human beings to fully realize themselves in sovereignty, health, harmony and personal integrity.

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Meditating in Mountains


"Quantum Connect® is a session that I started without expectations and it is fun and profound at the same time. I must say that the result of the experience was very accurate. Sometimes we ask ourselves so many questions when we already know the answers, we just have to listen to our Self Superior, he always talks to us. Sheila, thank you for taking me by the hand, I want more experiences like this. I recommend you 100% and I wish you much success in your life." - I. Rey, Puerto Rico

“Sheila, I appreciate your help because thought and ego do not intervene at all in the session. We communicate apparently from the unconscious, but in reality it is our Higher Self. You wisely directed me from your heart to connect, access, receive the message I needed, as well as the tools to heal and recognize, confirm, trust that the answers are within me. You're like a quantum psychologist. Thank you from my heart.” - H. Dávila, Puerto Rico

"Through the session I received a significant deep healing experience. Sheila, through her compassionate and patient voice, guided the session with wisdom and intuition, connecting with those memories where my soul was trapped and required healing. I am confident that "After this experience, situations in my life changed positively. I recommend this modality of hypnosis that Sheila masters with such mastery since her technique really offers obvious benefits in daily life." - Adriana O, Colombia

"Sheila is such an amazing energy healer and SCHH practitioner. She is deep, thorough, and detailed. I am so grateful for the session I had with her. My session was very challenging and she did amazing work to help me clear some very deep energies that had been in me for quite a long time. I'm grateful for the session Sheila did for me." - A. Johnson, US

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Connect With Me

Thank you for your interest in the services by Soul Journey PR! 

If you have questions, comments, or would like to schedule a session, please email me. We are here to support you on your journey toward healing and wellness.
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